Are you looking for a freelance programmer? The E-telier is the IT developer for all your multimedia projects.

Webmaster, web developer and programmer specialized in the creation of websites, applications or video games, L'E-telier has the skills, motivation and attentive listening necessary to develop the desires of its customers.

Within the E-telier, what counts is the humanity of the service and the quality programming.



Web 2.0

You wish to be able to fully update your website by yourself? Thanks to the CMS, open yourself to the world of Web 2.0 and offer your visitors a dynamic content.

With a structure programmed in PHP 8+ - faster than ever - and based on a MySQL 5.7 database you will benefit from all this and much more!

The E-telier CMS, developed in-house from A to Z, allows the most complex configurations while remaining simple to use.
You want to use another CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla! or Drupal, it's possible!
Read the article "Which CMS to choose?" for more information.

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Interactive and animated design

Thanks to the latest developments in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, you will be able to offer your visitors unique experiences, animated designs with flexible ergonomics, as well as a high level of interactivity.

And by complying with W3C standards, you'll be guaranteed maximum compatibility with the many existing browsers without having to use heavy and incomplete plugins.

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Apache Cordova

Do you want to create a mobile application for smartphones and tablets?

Choose Apache Cordova and deploy your application on marketplaces!

This technology allows the creation of applications compatible with all mobile devices from a single Javascript and HTML5 code.
Maintenance and follow-up will be even easier!

apache cordova

Unity 3D

Do you want to create a 3D virtual tour of an existing or imaginary place, or start producing 3D video games?

Unity 3D is THE ideal 3D engine for independent projects, compatible with many platforms (Playstation, XBox, Android, iOS, Mac and PC).